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Why Carbs Are Not Your Enemy
Posted: 2nd September 2017

A lot of consumers first reactions when they see carbs on a menu or in a recipe is “how can I replace this with something that won’t make me put on weight?”.

When we think of carbs we think of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals.

Between social media, craze celebrity diets & body transformation programs, carbs have gone from being known as a staple food item on every Irish table to some of the most hated food items on the planet without consumers even realizing their benefits!

We’re always been asked the question by customers:

“Can I have my meals with no carbs?”

We’ve found that some customers think by removing carbs completely from their diet they’ll rapidly lose that unwanted body fat or that by eating carbs makes them gain weight

Our Top 4 Questions We’re Always Asked When It Comes To Eating Carbs

#1 Do Carbs Make You Fat?

The truth is gaining weight from eating carbs depends largely on the type of carbohydrates you are consuming. If you are eating a diet rich in white breads, white pastas, baked products and white rice then yes you will gain weight. These type of carbs make you hungrier faster. Combine that with little to no exercise and you will most definitely gain weight.However if you eat brown grains, whole meal pasta and brown breads these carbs are made up of mostly fibers and essential nutrients. They take much longer to digest, keeping you fuller for longer.If you cut out carbs completely from your diet youre body will begin to crave them by converting dietary protein stored in your muscles into glucose (energy) by breaking down your muscle mass. So in actual fact all of that training in the gym might end up being a complete waste of time.

#2 Carbs Are Supposed To Give Me Energy?

Provided you use them in the right way, that’s 100% what they are used for. Carbs are the fuel for your brain and muscle. Without them you will be constantly tired, have trouble focusing and when it comes to exercise you will not be able to perform to the best standard. The longer you leave carbohydrates out of your diet the hungrier you will get.


#3 How Do Carbs Improve My Workout?

When you exercise, your muscles and liver use glycogen or glucose for energy. Your body breaks down glucose quicker from a carb than the likes of protein or fats. That’s why it’s always great to have a carb rich meal 3-4 hours prior to exercise. You’ll feel like you have much more energy when your training and will be less likely to “hit a wall”.

Of course, the amount of carbs you need entirely depends on how much you are exercising. But if you’re running long distances, performing weight lifting workouts or even doing a quick HIIT session, you’re going to need some carbs


#4 What Carbs Sources Can You Recommend That Are Rich In Vitamins & But Release Energy Over A Longer Period of Time?

Instead of eating white carbs, also known as refined carbs (these are generally processed giving you a quick release of energy) we recommend going for the more unrefined carbs, these are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and include sweet potato, your regular potato, brown whole meal rice and pastas as well as quinoa, bean and couscous

Most of our meals contain these types of unrefined carbs. Simply head over to our menu & check it out.

So next time you’re considering a crazy diet or want to cut carbs don’t forget all the benefits you will be cutting from your diet and the impact this will have on your training performance and overall mood.


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