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Healthy Eating: Yoyo Diets Don’t Work
Posted: 10th January 2017

Often people think that being healthy means you’re slim or ripped with muscle, you’re constantly on a diet, exercising and eating clean 7 days a week, well its not, far from it actually……Being healthy is not the same for everyone.

We are not fans of so called “diets” they don’t work and result in massive fluctuations in your body weight and health. Ever wonder why you packed on the pounds a couple of months after loosing weight while on a crash diet? Rapid fluctuations in weight causes your body to go into shock rebuilding what it has lost as soon as you resume eating normally again following this rapid diet.

Eating the right food is critical to balancing a healthy diet followed by regular exercise. Cleanses & rapid weight loss plans often don’t contain much protein. You need a daily supply of protein to build healthy immune cells and repair muscle following a workout. Often rapid weight loss plans contain very few calories which can cause your body to go into starvation mode which means the body will try to conserve calories by slowing down metabolism, because the body is unsure when it will be fed again.

Simply Fit Food meals are designed to provide customers with nutritious healthy meal plans with plenty of protein, vegetables and the right amount of carbs to get you through that training session or long working day. Compromising on your health is something we don’t believe in doing, Fueling yourself with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients from a variety of our different meal options will keep you well on track to maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle with little effort. Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out food it just means choosing the healthier option.

Don’t forget small changes can produce big results whether that be going out for a walk of run for 30 minutes 4/5 evenings a week or simply choosing the healthier option.

Clean eating doesn’t mean eating healthy 7 days a week its just not possible, you need your cheat day or a day where you indulge a little more than you usually might that’s why our meal plans are designed for 5 days instead of 7.


SFF Team

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