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Fuel Your Body – Enhance Your Training & Performance With The Right Nutrition
Posted: 20th December 2016

The Basics of Sports Nutrition

We both come from a solid GAA background (Dreadknots & Skerries Harps GAA) & we understand the importance of an adequate diet both on and off season.

With preseason in the air there’s no better way to fuel your body & enhance your performance than with our healthy eating meal plans and snacks.

After talent & training the importance of the right diet is a necessity to enhancing any players performance both on & off the pitch. The reality for many athletes & those who enjoy regular exercise is they don’t understand what food to eat to improve their performance, recover from a hard training session or prepare for matches. A well balanced healthy diet provides players with the adequate fuel & nutrients needed to optimize energy levels & recover quickly after workouts.

Diet Building


  • Eat every 2-4 hoursharps-girl
  • Eat lean protein with every meal (Simply Fit Food meals are packed full of lean protein)
  • If your looking for fat loss eat plenty of veggies & fruit, keeping your carb intake until after exercise
  • Eat healthy fats daily. 30% of calories in your diet should come from good fat.
  • Eat whole foods rich in nutrients instead of diets that don’t work and supplements. No pill or diet can come close to matching the nutrients & vitamins contained in healthy food. FACT!
  • Plan ahead & prepare food in advance. Often busy training schedules, work and other commitments determine what we eat. Having a weekly food plan is critical to keeping you feeling your best. Our healthy eating meal plans  provide just that service your looking for.
  • Break the rules 10% of the time. Don’t try and eat healthy 100% of the time it won’t work (we know!). Reward yourself by enjoying a well earned cheat day once a week. We guarantee you’ll be more likely to stick to eating healthy for the rest of the week!

SFF Team 🙂


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