About Us


We here at Simply Fit Food believe food is fuel. Fuel to propel you through that long working day or those tiring training sessions and everything else in-between. If you can choose to eat unhealthy you can choose to eat healthy…

Healthy food made convenient & stress free using locally sourced ingredients!

All of our meals are prepared and packaged fresh on the day of delivery. All labels contain the macro nutrients for each meal (calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates). Our SFF meals can be consumed over our 5-7 day meal plan or they can be frozen on the day of delivery.

We make choosing healthy options as convenient as possible for you, so take the stress out of cooking and give our meal plans a try! ☺



We know how hard it can be to eat healthily and stay on track when time isn’t on our side.
With both of us working and training with our respective GAA clubs (Dreadnots GFC & Skerries Harps) and gyms at least 5 days a week and with very little time to cook we figured more people like us must feel the same way?

Choosing that unhealthy option was always far too easy after a long day of work followed by a training session. The more people we talked to the more they felt the same. So we thought why not provide a simple convenient way of eating healthy, delicious food 5 days a week while staying on track?
And so Simply Fit Food was created. ☺
Combining our degrees in Health Promotion & Physical Activity (DKIT) and Food and Agribusiness Management (UCD) allowed us to work together to establish Simply Fit Food.

Evelyn, like thousands of other people in Ireland (more women than men) has an underactive thyroid gland, diagnosed when she was 16. This gland is vital for good health and when it is underactive health problems arise if it is not looked after properly. This began her journey to becoming more health conscious and physically active.

“ I think of myself as a real foodie. I absolutely love to cook and experiment with different ingredients. I have a greater understanding of healthy food and that’s all thanks to my Mum who has shown me over the years that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless”.

A real eye opener for us happened in January 2016 when Luke discovered he had heart condition called Wolf Parkinson’s White. He realized his diet needed to change. He decided to cut out all the processed food and eat clean while still being able to exercise 5 nights a week.

This is how we changed our lifestyle. Now why not change yours! ☺

Luke & Evelyn